About us – Who is Bill Livingston, the owner of SEOrw.com? And who the heck is John Clamp?

Bill Livingston-Consultant

Bill Livingston

Hello, all!  My name is Bill Livingston and I’m the owner of SEO Ready Website – SEOrw.com.  Our motto is; Your Business, Internet Ready. The goal of this website is to WOW you with a ton of free information and tools on how you can get your brick-and-mortar business integrated with your online presence.  Or, if you’re not online yet, we’ll show you the best way to get up and operational at minimal cost.  Those of you whose business is strictly online can benefit as well, of course, but that’s not my target visitor.  Local businesses are who I wish to help.

I’ve been “around the block” at least once and have a ton of experience helping folks improve their business’s efficiency, sales, marketing, growth, and ability to take advantage of all – and I mean ALL – of what the Internet has to offer!  If you want more information, go to My LinkedIn profile.

A lot of what you see online from business consultants is how to make sales on the Internet.  This is huge, of course, and you shouldn’t ignore what your brick and mortar business can do with online sales.  But that’s not even close to everything you should be thinking about as Internet enhancements to your brick and mortar business!  Check out our website and begin learning all that you can do online to enhance your company’s bottom line!

Below is a short infographic that documents my history showing how my experience might help you and your business online.  If you have questions or wish to talk with me about how we could work together to enhance your use of the internet, please contact me here.


Infographic about Bill Livingston and How His Experience Helps Business Owners

History of Bill Livingston

As you can see, there’s a lot in my background we can apply to your business as you work to take better advantage of all the Internet has to offer.  Take a look around and check out the articles, tools, and books selected to help your online endeavors.

Click Here to Ask Me (Bill Livingston) How I or One of My Partners Can Help You With Your Business’ Internet Presence! 

In the mean time go here to start learning about ways to get online success for your brick and mortar business!


John Clamp

SEOrw.com contributor John Clamp

John Clamp is a freelance writer on SEO and marketing, technology, cybersecurity, and travel. He has made a special study of the GDPR and its potential impact on businesses large and small. A trained journalist and educator, John started his writing career on magazines and daily newspapers in the U.K., where he became arts editor and wrote a weekly column. He has also worked for academic publishers Springer-Verlag and Wiley-Blackwell.

As well as his work for seorw.com, John is also consulting editor to the Human-Computer Interaction Games Group at the University of Waterloo, Canada, and to the Interaction Lab at the University of Technology, Cyprus. He works on papers related to gamification and games user research.

John is currently living in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where he is researching the archaeology of the Angkor civilization.